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Here’s what you missed at the Talis Aspire Day in Edinburgh

Natalie Naik

Last week, we co-hosted a Talis Aspire Day with the University of Edinburgh library. We heard great talks from library staff and academics on their experiences with Talis Aspire and from our own Talis team on what working with Talis is like in practice and what to expect next from Talis.

Jeremy Upton, Director of Library and University Collections at the University of Edinburgh kicked off the day with a welcome, giving us a history of the library and explaining why they chose Talis Aspire and the impact it has made on the library and on student experience. In results to a recent survey there was a 3% increase in positive responses to the question “I have been able to find my course reading list resources in the library”.
// here to watch Jeremy’s presentation.

We also heard from Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager at the University of Edinburgh on how by putting Talis Aspire Reading Lists, or Resource Lists as they call them, at the centre of change, they have improved student experience, engaged academics and integrated and streamlined library workflows.
// here to watch Angela’s presentation.

Academics from the University of Edinburgh also joined us to give another perspective on Resource Lists, explaining how they use them, how they have overcome challenges and how students have interacted with the tool.
// the presentation from Christine Sinclair, Lecturer in Digital Education at Moray House School of Education.
// the presentation from Sharon Boyd, Royal School of Veterinary Science.

It was great to hear from Annette Coates, Head of Library Collection and Digital Services at Northumbria University on the positive impact that Talis Aspire Reading Lists are having on their NSS scores, student experience and acquisitions process. She joined Talis Services Consultant, Zena Amos to discuss the way in which the services team form a partnership with our customers to ensure success with the system and reflected on the good work our team had done during implementation and continue to do as their needs grow.
// Zena and Annette’s presentation here.

Finally, Talis Product Manager, Keji Adedeji gave us her ‘whistlestop tour’ of Talis. The evolution of Talis Aspire, the projects we are currently working on and where we will go in the future. Keji discussed how Talis is continually improving the system to keep up with changes in technology and in Higher Education and how we are expanding our offering to ensure the best possible product for our users.
// Keji’s presentation here.

We would like to thank all our speakers for giving up their time to help us with this event and for their extremely positive contributions, but a special thanks has to go to the library team at the University of Edinburgh for their welcome, enthusiasm and practical help with the event.

Interested in attending an event like this? We are hosting more Talis Aspire Days this summer, click below to find out more.
Reading, UK – 29th June
Adelaide, Australia – 29th August

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