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Hearing from our customers at Talis Insight Europe 2016

Natalie Naik

At Talis Insight Europe 2016 we were joined by many of our customers, from academics to library management, who delivered presentations on what they’ve achieved with Talis Aspire, offering advice on review sessions, using data and overcoming barriers to adoption.

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Laura Ritchie, National Teaching Fellow at the University of Chichester named her presentation “Skeptic to Champion” and she discussed how, as an academic, she went from her first meeting with Talis asking ‘what’s the point’ to seeing the value. Watch her presentation below:




One of the sessions asked ‘What is a Business Process Review?’ This session focused on the question of what a BPR is, and how it can benefit you as a university. The session was embedded with real experience from Sian Blake, Digitisation Librarian from the University of East Anglia who talked through their recent review and the outcomes from the session. Rachael Johnson, Digital Resources Librarian and Wayne Morris, Database Manager from the University of South Wales discussed why they wanted a BPR and what they felt they gained from it. Laura Unwin, Support Consultant at Talis, also gave some information on what we offer and what you can gain from the session. Watch the presentations here:




Erin Sullivan, an academic at the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham, was an early adopter of resource lists and joined us to explain what she believes are the benefits of Talis Aspire Reading Lists. She also explains what she has seen as the drawbacks, how she overcame these and what the plans are going forwards. Erin was joined by Sara Westh, who shared her experience as a student using resource lists. Watch their presentation below:




Neil Donohue, Learning & Teaching Services Manager and Joanne Dunham, Head of Collections & Information Systems from the University of Leicester joined us to discuss how they used data to drive academic engagement through strategic reporting. Their presentation was on how they are using data to engage academic staff in wider discussions about learning resource provision for modules. Find out what they did by watching the presentation:



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