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Watch presentations submitted by the Talis Aspire User Group at Talis Insight Europe 2016

Natalie Naik

The Talis Aspire User Group is a key part of Talis Insight Europe 2016. It was great to see so many submissions from the user group community actively sharing best practices and successes with their peers.

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Sarah Pittaway, Team Leader: Academic Services at the University of Worcester discussed their approaches to the practicalities and implementation and how this led them to recruit students as Resource List Assistants. She covered what went well, what didn’t and what they learnt. Watch Sarah’s presentation here:




Sara Hafeez, Reading List Co-ordinator & Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of Westminster presented on ‘A Year in with Reading Lists & Digitised Content: What our students are telling us…’. Sara talked through what drove them to choose Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Digitised Content, how they got student feedback and what they learnt from this. You can watch her presentation here:




Rachel Fell and Nic Ward are Senior Assistant Librarians at Manchester Metropolitan University, they discussed their Reading Lists campaign that took place last November, which was aimed at promoting the online lists, to make students aware of them and to increase the use of electronic and printed material on the list. Watch their presentation to find out what they did and what worked best:



Kerry Webb, Arts & Humanities Liaison Team Manager and Course Support Co-Ordinator at the University of Reading joined us to discuss the policies and investigation completed to show the relevance and importance of reading lists. She discussed their drivers for change, potential barriers and the practical steps they took and a few examples of what they might have done differently. Watch Kerry’s presentation here:



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