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Developing the library strategy at Talis Insight Europe 2016

Natalie Naik

It was great to hear from library management at Talis Insight Europe 2016, to get an understanding of how the library can help to shape the wider agenda within the institution and to find out more about what strategies have been put in place around Talis Aspire Reading Lists.

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During one of the breakout sessions we heard about library approaches to influencing and leading the institutional strategic agenda from Anna O’Neill, Director of Learning and Information Services at the University of Chichester and Jane Gosling, Head of Library & Digital Support at Plymouth University.

Anna’s section of the presentation was on ‘Influencing and leading the Learning and Teaching strategic agenda’ which she explained happened through a process of understanding what the student and academic needs and wants. Her final message was to set the agenda and really consider the outcome you want.

Jane’s talk, on ‘Informing and influencing strategy’ begins by explaining that understanding the way in which the university works is key to driving anything. It’s also important to understand the library’s strengths and how these can be aligned with the wider agenda of the university.

See Anna and Jane’s slides

You can watch Anna and Jane’s session in full here:



We also heard from Jackie Chelin, Deputy Director of Library Services at the University of the West of England and Carol Dell-Price, Subject Librarian at Teesside University on Reading List strategies. Jackie and Carol decided to talk through their slides, turning their presentation into a wider conversation, inviting comments from the audience too.

Jackie and Carol both agreed that one of the problems that had arisen at the start of the project was that they couldn’t find many of the books on their Reading Lists in the library. They talked through how they came about finding a solution, discussing what they did within their own institutions.

See Carol and Jackie’s slides

See the full presentation below:



We also had a discussion panel chaired by Jeremy Upton, Director of Library at the University of Edinburgh on the Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries in Higher Education. You can find out more about the panel and watch the video here.

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