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What we heard about Learning Analytics at Talis Insight Europe 2016

Natalie Naik

At Talis Insight Europe 2016, we heard from two academics on the way in which learning analytics can help shape learning and teaching in Higher Education and about the Project Lighthouse pilot at Anglia Ruskin University.

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Bart Rienties, Reader in Learning Analytics at the Open University, joined us to discuss learning analytics. He explains why it’s crucial to listen to students and understand how to identify risk points along the student’s journey, as well as designing this journey to optimise the student experience and increase the effectiveness of their learning.

Watch Bart’s presentation here:



Rodney Tamblyn, a Lighthouse Academic Engagement Consultant for Talis, first gave us an introduction on Project Lighthouse which explores how to enhance digital resources in the context of learning and teaching.

He was later joined by Matt East, Senior Learning Technologist at Anglia Ruskin, who has been involved in the Lighthouse pilot. He shared with us how they’ve got on and what they’ve learnt.

To find out more about the pilot, watch the presentation here:



After having Linda Corrin, a lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Melbourne, as a speaker at Talis Insight APAC 2016, we were excited to invite her to speak about learning analytics and the library agenda in Birmingham. Linda began her talk by explaining definition of learning analytics and the strands within that, such as ‘academic analytics’.

A big question that must be answered before this research is undertaken is ‘what do libraries need or want to know’ and how this will research inform any future changes.

Watch Linda Corrin’s presentation here:


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