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Reading List of the Week – Mental Health and Wellbeing day, Lancaster University

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

This week’s Reading List of the Week is slightly different as this is not a course reading list, instead Lancaster University used Talis Aspire Reading Lists to create a resource list filled with useful articles, websites, books and videos to help students for their Mental Health and Wellbeing day 2016.

Last week, on the 3rd of March, Lancaster University held a Mental Health and Wellbeing day across campus to raise awareness and to remove the stigma around mental health issues that affect many students.

The first section on this list covers ‘General Mental Health and Wellbeing’ and contains web pages and video resources to help students develop a better understanding of mental health, and promotes places to go for help and support.. Sub-sections then break up the content into topics such as ‘improve your self esteem’ and ‘dealing with stress and anxiety’ which contain items such as self-help books and articles from NHS choices.

lanc mental health 1

The list also covers topics such as ‘Helping Others’, offering guidance to students on supporting their peers, and ‘Effective study’ which contains guides on how to study and manage time effectively. This is followed by a larger list titled ‘Feel good, Live well’ covering topics such as eating well, reading for pleasure, including subsections on recommended prize winning novels and ways to get active and fit within the university.

lanc mental health 2

The final section on ‘Help and Support’ contains the webpages of organisations who offer support to those struggling with Mental Health and Wellbeing issues. This reading list contains many great resources that would be helpful to all students and we’ve enjoyed seeing a list used in such a useful and creative way.

Do you have a list you’d like to share? Send an email to or send us the link on Twitter @Talis using the hashtag #ReadingListoftheweek

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