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Reading List of the Week – Balancing Risks (Medicine), Lancaster University

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

Our Reading List of the Week is Balancing Risks from the Lancaster University which is part of the medical school’s Problem Based Learning course for Year 1 undergraduate students.

At the top of this list is a guide to using the list with tips on accessing the items and also with contact information for the library. The list is then broken down into topics, such as ‘Medical sciences’ and ‘Public health’.

lanc 1

The academic has added notes under the majority of the items, to add context around the item, e.g. “this provides a basic introduction to the concept of lay knowledge…”, notes are used to identify chapters or pages of books that are particularly relevant, which can help students prioritise their reading tasks.

lanc 2

This list also uses a good variety of resources, from books, articles, webpages and documents, most of which are available online, making it easy for the student to access the resources from any location.

lanc 3

This list was created for approximately 50 students and has been viewed 1,987 times between the 1st September and today.

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