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Reading List of the Week – Psychology, Cognition & Social Worlds, University of Brighton

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

Our Reading List of the Week is University of Brighton, Psychology, Cognition & Social Worlds by academic Matt Adams.

What is great about this list is that the layout is very straightforward. It is split up into Semester 1 and 2, with an introduction built up of ‘key’ and ‘further’ reading texts. The academic also added notes to each item, such as ‘Chapter 1 key reading this week’ to guide the students’ reading.


The rest of the list follows a similar format, it is split up into sections by topic, for example ‘imagery’, with a sub-topic, ‘imagery & psychopathology’ which contains further reading on this topic. There is a selection of ‘key’, ‘recommended’ and ‘further’ items throughout.

brighton 1

One of the most notable things about this list is that it is online resource heavy, shown by the blue button to the right of each item. This makes the list accessible to all students in almost any location, meaning they don’t need to go into the library to find the majority of the items resulting in a great experience for distance learners.

In many sections of the list there are very detailed notes, this feature allows the academic to deliver information to students that can be accessed ‘all in one place’ avoiding confusion and possibly time spent on their reading tasks. Notes on this list range from ‘chapter 10’ to more detailed notes as shown below that allow the academic to communicate with the students about specific items.

brighton 4

The list was assigned to approximately 150 students as a core module for a year 2 undergraduate module in BA (Hons) Applied Psychology & Sociology/Criminology. It was created 2 years ago, and in that time has had 13230 page views and 6721 total item clicks.

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