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eFirst: a strategic transformation – Janette Burke at Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2016

Natalie Naik

Janette explains at the start of her talk that when she says “eFirst” that it doesn’t exclusively mean ‘electronic’. She understands it as being “elearning, excellence, engagement, expertise” and so on, and challenges the audience to count how many times she uses an ‘e word’ throughout the talk.

Jannette goes on to explain the ways in which Monash University has strategically been ‘embracing’ change, focussing on leadership through ‘eLearning’ and ‘engaging’ with new developments.

You can watch her full keynote below:


See Janette’s presentation slides here.

See images and tweets around Janette’s talk from the event:

What did you think of Janette’s talk? We’d love for you to share your opinions below.
What ‘e words’ do you think are most poignant when it comes to Higher Education technology?

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