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Reading List of the Week – Criminology, City University London

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

Our Reading List of the Week is Criminology, City University London.

As this list is for a core module, there are many items within this list and a lot of notes added to each section to help guide the students. There is a ‘Reading Guide’ at the top of this list, directing students to more general items that are labeled either ‘Recommended reading’ or ‘Item for student purchase’. This section also includes a section for ‘useful links’.

london city crim 1

The list is then broken up week by week, then by level of importance of each item. There is a ‘Core Reading’ section and a ‘Further Reading’ section each week, which helps direct the students through their reading tasks week by week, allowing them to easily revisit a topic and discover additional resources. Each section includes notes on the chosen topic of that week, helping provide context for the students and saving them from referring to the course handbook.

london city crim 2

Finally, there is a lot of variation between resources within this list, with books, articles, chapter and web pages, as well as a combination of online and offline items, allowing the student to gain a broad knowledge of the subject. Having online resources also helps students to access items digitally when they may not be able to get to the library, and allows many students to have prolonged access to an item if it is particularly popular, making it easier for the library and the students.

london city crim 3

The list was assigned to approximately 100 students, and since its creation 8 months ago, has had 4407 page views and 3600 total clicks onto list items.

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