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Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2016 Speaker Series: Linda Corrin, using analytics to transform the library agenda

Natalie Naik

Have you registered for Talis Insight Asia-Pacific yet? Find out what’s in store for our free two day event.

We will be joined by speakers from the Higher Education community, who will talk about a range of topics within the Higher Education teaching and learning space.

On day one, Linda Corrin, Lecturer at the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education will be delivering her presentation on ‘Using analytics to transform the library agenda’. We are looking forward to hearing from her. Read a short synopsis of her presentation below:

The emerging field of learning analytics offers great potential to improve education and educational environments. Importantly, learning analytics can give insight into how students are accessing and interacting with learning materials and learning support services. The presentation will explore ways that learning analytics are being used by educational institutions to enhance teaching and learning and improve student support. In particular, it will focus on the types of analytics being used by libraries to understand students’ use of learning resources and develop strategies to improve services to students and academics.

Talis Insight will be a great opportunity to network with your peers, learn more about what we offer at Talis, or to get an idea of how you could be using our services better with stories from the community and the Talis team. To find out more and to register, click here.

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