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Reviewing your business processes with Talis

Rebecca Carruthers
implementation Integration

Rebecca Carruthers from Talis shares her experience of running a business process review with Griffith University, Brisbane.

I recently worked with Griffith University to complete a Business Process Review of their Talis implementation (both Talis Aspire Digitised Content and Talis Aspire Reading Lists).   Together we organised a day aimed at ensuring that the setup and use of Talis fit their users needs. As with all tasks and projects, regular review is essential to ensure two things, that your processes are efficient and effective and that your decisions and policies remain the best solutions for your specific needs.

Key library staff and heads of department came together to discuss their key concerns, which included:

  • Workflows
  • Time periods
  • Hierarchy
  • Academic rollout
  • Learning management system integration
  • Rollover

It was soon realised that this was the first time the whole group had gathered together.  The importance of such get togethers was soon realised – in no time we were able to identify tasks that were unnecessarily repeated in different processes.

I believe that this is a key lesson for all projects – regular discussion between teams is essential to streamline workflows.

This session was followed-up with a written report documenting the discussions from the day, follow-up recommendations, along with knowledge articles to assist in making the best decisions for their university community.  

Debby Macdonald, Team Leader of Library Acquisitions, said:

We recently undertook a business review process and looked at of our implementation of Talis.  Rebecca Carruthers spent time with us talking about our implementation and end goals.  Her final report provided a number of simple, easy to understand options for us to consider.  The time was well spent and we feel that we have the relevant information to make informed decisions that will ensure the best outcomes for our staff and students.

The University are now making the final decisions and beginning to implement some of the suggestions from the review, ready for the coming academic year.

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Do you frequently review your processes? Please share your tips and ideas in the comments below.


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