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New Year Resolution: Must sort out Reading Lists!

Alison Rooney

Forget dieting, getting fit and promising not to drink too much, New year resolutions need to be realistic! Sorting out your reading lists is something that you can achieve and one that will deliver real benefits to your university, students, academics and library.

Presenting your reading lists to students and academics in a modern, structured, integrated and interactive way must be one of the most cost effective, tried and tested ways of delivering value right across the university. Few other systems or initiatives have the power to address:

  • Student experience
  • Student satisfaction (e.g. NSS question 16 for the UK)
  • Digital campus strategies
  • Integration – reading lists where you need them, e.g. the VLE or Learning Management System
  • Effective resourcing – making sure the library has the right resources
  • Discoverability – eg. direct links to e-content
  • Library workflow efficiencies

Did you know that Talis Aspire Reading Lists had over 148 million student hits during 2014/15? That is almost double the previous year, demonstrating the increasing value students are placing on these tools.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists are now adopted at 85 universities globally, including 68 (and counting) in the UK  and since launching in 2009 enjoy a 100% renewal rate by adopting a partner approach to delivering great services.

With 2016/17 budget plans being put together (and even end of year budgets not too far away) now is a good time to talk to us about how we can help your university, students, academics and library enjoy the benefits of working with the market leading supplier.

The Talis Sales team are always available and happy to discuss your requirements, so whether you are new to reading list software solutions or want to find out what more Talis can offer compared to your current system, now is the perfect time to act. Get in touch with us by email.

If you are already using Talis Aspire Reading Lists or Digitised Content, our services team are always helping our users push the boundaries. From enhancing academic and student experiences to improving workflows, working with over 85 institutions globally helps us understand how difficult it can be sometimes to take a step back and shake things up. You can book a free 30 minute consulting call to help you understand how to maximise your return from Talis. Contact the Talis team to make your appointment.

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