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Learning analytics – why is it not widely used yet?

Natalie Naik

This infographic by Open Colleges explains what Learning Analytics are, how exactly they will work and what the data can be used for. With so many perceived benefits, why is it not widely used yet?

Untitled design (3)(click to view in full)   

As with any new technology, there are questions to be answered and stumbling blocks to conquer before it can be considered ‘standard’. Some of the key obstacles mentioned in the infographic are:

  • Data concerns – who has access to the data and how will it be used beyond the classroom?
  • Lack of technical skills and understanding in user group
  • High costs
  • Significant margin for misinterpretation

As quoted in the infographic, “70-85% of resources in data analytics depend on costly human effort” which means a need for added resources and strong analytical skills in order to manage the data effectively.

The most recent Horizon report estimates 2-3 years until widespread adoption. Do you see this becoming a reality? Is it something that you believe will be useful, or even vital, in years to come? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below and participate in our Twitter poll:


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