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How our UX research is making Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Digitised Content easier to use

Natalie Naik
Accessibility Product Update

We have recently updated the User Interfaces in Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Digitised Content to further simplify user workflows. These changes are part of a wider plan to ensure our applications are easier to use by creating consistency across the interface. This will also provide a clean base for future enhancements.

Our new updates are designed to be more intuitive – they will not affect the applications’ functionality, but will make the system easier to navigate.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 14.44.58 (1)

Why are things changing?

  • The changes we have made are based on research and core user experience principles. They will make room for upcoming features and allow us to provide a more consistent user interface, as well as giving us the opportunity to introduce accessibility technologies that help make the application easier to navigate for certain users.
  • Applications that provide a consistent experience, save users time. Creating consistency across our application therefore enables users to work more quickly and accurately. Whilst small changes might be noticeable for existing users in the short term, we believe that in the long term the system will require less support.
  • Making these changes also provides an opportunity to optimise our code which will speed up the time it takes to display a page


What are we working on next?

We are planning to improve academic and student on-boarding with better guided support within the application. This is to be similar to the work we have recently done with the bookmark tutorial.

Our progress on this set of smaller changes within the application are almost complete and we are looking forward to sharing our plans for 2016 shortly.

Have you noticed the changes? Tell us in the comments below what you think of the new look.

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