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Guest post: Developing information and digital literacies with Talis Aspire Reading Lists


The University of Reading became a new Talis customer in early 2015. In a bid to encourage engagement within the academic community, the Library took a two-fold approach: guided training and support on the use of the Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Digitised Content, and promoting solid pedagogic reasoning as to why online reading lists, in particular, could not only improve the student experience at Reading but also help develop information and digital literacy skills.

Work had begun on this 18 months prior to system implementation with the development and dissemination of reading lists guidelines to academic departments. This was followed up – 4 months in to Talis implementation – by a blog post to the academic community. Written jointly by the Library’s Talis Project Manager, Kerry Webb, and Kim Shahabudin, one of the University’s Study Advisers, this post outlined the benefits of online reading lists and included an example annotated list mapping skills development.

Some interest has already been generated by this and the blog post has been circulated by library staff at the University of Worcester to their academics in a bid to encourage engagement with Talis as they begin the implementation process.

A guest post by,

Kerry Webb
Liaison Team Manager (Arts and Humanities)/Course Support Coordinator
University of Reading

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