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A Tale of two institutions: enhancing reading lists experience for students and academics


The recent edition of the Taking Stock journal published by the National Acquisitions Group (NAG), carried an article on how two institutions in the UK implemented Talis Aspire Reading Lists to improve their Student Experience.  Stephanie Farley from University Of Edinburgh and Maria O’Hara from King’s College London, had teamed up to reflect on how the two institutions approached the rollout in the article titled “Academics, Librarians and Students: Getting everyone on board with a new service at a large institution”.

They wrote:

“It connects students directly to their library resources, allows librarians to process for purchase more efficiently, and provides course organisers with feedback on how students are engaging with their reading materials. Our reasons for implementing this service were quite similar:

  • Both institutions received National Student Survey (NSS) feedback of student dissatisfaction with reading list presentation and materials.
  • Both institutions recognise the importance of providing relevant, up to date, and accessible reading lists.
  • At both institutions, library services sought to gain greater visibility of complete reading lists in order to resource them more effectively.

Although our reasons for implementing the service were similar, our approaches to doing so have been quite different…”

In addition to looking at the reasons for implementing Talis Aspire Reading Lists, the article goes on to discuss how they managed the rollout and getting their academics onboard and using a new system. Click here to download and read the full article.

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