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Norwegian wonderings

Alison Rooney

At one point a couple of weeks ago Talis had staff in 5 countries at once, which just goes to show the relevance of our services globally as well as in the UK. Two of us found our way to Norway to enjoy some long days of sun; well mainly rain. We were there to work of course, but with long days there was also time in the evenings for some sightseeing in this beautiful country.

Laura Unwin had gone over to work with our first Norwegian university customer, the prestigious BI Business School based in Oslo, as part of their implementation phase. The two days there were well spent. The project team engaged actively and were raring to get their reading lists into Talis Aspire Reading Lists. When I went to see BI a week later I received great feedback about the event. Having worked with the team there remotely for a while, it was interesting to meet them in person and to see the University/Library at BI. It is a fantastic facility which must provide inspiration to both students and staff.

During my trip I also visited 4 other universities and the Norwegian university library consortium provider, Bibsys. This gave a great opportunity to find out how Talis can fit in with the requirements and challenges in a different market. Whilst some of the detail is different the fundamental need to improve library efficiencies, maximise the use of e-materials, spend budgets efficiently and, of course, provide students with a good experience are all just as relevant. I am sure it won’t be long before we are welcoming our next Norwegian subscriber.

So after 4 days, 6 flights, 2 trains, 4 buses, 2 metros and 1 tram (along with one lost & found passport) it was a tiring but worthwhile trip. I just hope the sun shines a little more next time.

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