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Talis Developer Community and a new API

Tim Hodson
Developer Community

We recently started a reviews beta with a number of our customers. The new reviews functionality is designed to only show you items on lists which have changes that need some review decision to be made.

In order to support the data needs of this review functionality, we wrote a new API for Talis Aspire Reading Lists which gives access to some specific information.

The new API has been designed to be easily extended to suit other purposes.  And that is where you – the developer community – come in.

We have published the API specification so that you can see and comment on it and decide if there is anything there that you can put to use in your own applications.  We want you to be involved in how this API develops.  This API requires security tokens for access, so if you have a use case and would like to start building something with it, then get in touch via the developer community group.

We know that our customers have a varying range of development skill available to them, and we feel that we are in a good position to augment the skills you already have by including our own skills in a joint project. Talis are looking for specific projects that we can work on together and share with the wider community.

We look forward to working together.

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