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More sessions confirmed for Day Two at Talis Insight UK 2015


We are happy to confirm three more sessions from Day Two of Talis Insight UK 2015.

Here is a brief snapshot of the sessions:

Star or supporting act? impacts of technology on teacher roles in Higher Education

Sue Greener, Principal Lecturer
University of Brighton

The loneliness of the long-distance doctorate is hardly the best preparation for today’s university  teachers. They still need to develop scholarship, learn their craft, hone their subject consciousness;   but faced with the new guy on the block – learning technology – and the avalanche of information   they and their students need to sift, how do teachers in colleges and universities survive?

This presentation reviews the dimensions of role change being experienced by teachers. We explore   the pressure exerted by technologies, which can enhance the design and practice of learning   opportunities, but can also reduce teachers to quivering nervous actors appearing in their first play   in the classroom. The safety net is thankfully to hand. There is a team of players in today’s education   who can lead teachers and their students to stardom.

Five shades of flipping

Alan Dix
Professor, University of Birmingham

Senior Researcher, TalisReusing MOOC-style videos in ‘flipped’ classes gave rise to a surprising variety of blends of online and face-to-face interaction, most of which still involved some element of ‘chalk and talk’ alongside other activities.  The micro-level learning analytics provided by Talis player helped address some of the, “Will they do it? Have they done it?” fears of the academic working in flipped mode, as well as allowing detailed class feedback and advice.

Export and manipulate: making best use of your Aspire data

Kevin O’Donovan, Information Resources Assistant
London South Bank University

In this session, you’ll see practical use of the Item Linking API with an OPAC and its incorporation into an acquisitions workflow; examples of using your Aspire and LMS data for stock management tasks; creating a spreadsheet for easier mass bookmark updates with eBook URLs; and using Access to combine your hierarchy data, Aspire-generated data, and LMS data to provide management-level reporting information.

We will be announcing more speakers and session details for Day Two next week. So watch this space!

Which of these sessions will you be making sure you don’t miss at Talis Insight UK 2015?

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