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Matthew East will be wearing the ‘student hat’ at Talis Insight 2015


How can any conference around Teaching and Learning be complete without a student’s perspective in the mix? So we were really excited when Matthew East accepted our invitation to speak at Talis Insight 2015. Here is a title and a short synopsis from Matt to give you a flavour a what to expect from him:

The changing approaches to learning in the digital domain

As we all know, the learning landscape is changing dramatically, as is the way our students interact with their approach to learning and personal administration, both self directed and through the classroom. When considering the array of different learning styles, and methods of delivery, having effective methods for delivering and receiving content effectively becomes integral to ensure quality knowledge transfer.

Matt will reflect on his own approach to learning, and engaging with digital content over the years, from Full-time Undergraduate to Postgraduate Distance Learner, to part time Postgraduate. As part of this, he will detail his perception of the changing dynamic of the modern day university student, based on experiences as a Learning Technologist at Anglia Ruskin University.

Matt will draw on literature in the area, as well as his own experiences whilst wearing both student and staff hats. For this session however, he’ll mainly be wearing his student hat*

*No actual hats will be worn in this session. This is simply a metaphor. Sorry to disappoint.

Matt will be helping us round off Day One at Talis Insight 2015, with the closing session starting at 4:35 PM on 15th April 2015.

For the full speaker line up and running order, and to book your place, visit the conference website.

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