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The University of Auckland chooses Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digital Content


Over the last couple of years Talis has been talking to universities in New Zealand about reading lists and digitisation. There are synergies with the UK, Australia and New Zealand, especially when it comes to copyright management, for which Talis has been working to provide good automated processes. The University of Auckland was looking for a way to streamline the integration of library collection metadata, digitisation processes, and copyright clearance while at the same time providing a tool that would encourage academics to build reading lists and manage their own copyright compliance.

Janet Copsey, University Librarian, said, “The University of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest and most highly ranked university with over 33,000 full-time equivalent students*, signed up in January 2015 as a new client of the Talis Aspire system. Both the reading list module and the digitised content module will be implemented, with the University’s Copyright Officer working with specialist staff from Talis and Copyright Licensing Limited (New Zealand) to adapt the UK rule set for the New Zealand copyright environment. Currently there are multiple systems at the University for delivering reading lists and associated content; it is envisaged that Talis Aspire will allow creation and delivery processes to be standardised and streamlined across the thousands of courses offered each year while also providing an opportunity to improve the learning environment for students through the embedding of reading lists in the learning management system.”


I am  looking forward to working with Janet and her team at the University of Auckland and we are excited to receive their input into Aspire.

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