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Norway and New Zealand Universities join 77 institutions using Talis Aspire Reading Lists

press release

Talis are pleased to announce expansion to two new countries taking the tally of institutions using Talis Aspire Reading Lists up to 77 universities in seven countries. The BI Norwegian Business School and the University of Auckland recently selected Talis to implement their online reading lists service.

Talis provide software for Higher Education Institutions to manage and deliver learning resources online. The Greenwich School of Management (GSM) were the 75th University to select Talis. In addition to Talis Aspire Reading Lists, GSM are also implementing Talis Aspire Digitised Content to deliver their library digitisation services.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content are now being used in Universities across UK, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, China, Malaysia and Cyprus.

Over half of UK universities are now providing reading lists using Talis. The cloud based SaaS solution hosts over 160,000 reading lists, maintained by nearly 100,000 academics and accessed by over 1.3 million students, worldwide each year.

Increasingly more learning resources are digital. While library books still dominate among the 4.5 million references in the Talis Aspire Reading Lists, the trend is shifting towards digital.

Talis are hosting Talis Insight 2015, at the ICC Birmingham on 15 – 16th April 2015. This conference brings together Learning Technology and Library leaders from European Universities and Colleges to explore impact of Technology in Teaching and Learning.


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