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CPD25 Reading Lists – Challenge or opportunity? Event, 4th Dec 2014

Alison Rooney

Last week saw the latest meeting of this annual session, with an excellent range of papers from Universities using different solutions to provide Reading List type services to their institutions, students and academics. These ranged from commercial offerings like Talis Aspire Reading Lists, through to open source solutions and systems developed in-house. In addition to papers about specific systems there was also plenty of discussion around the strategic importance of Reading and Reading List strategies.

Some common themes that came out of the sessions included:

  • Use of Reading List services to improve or maintain NSS scores, particularly Q16 on library resources
  • The need to, and challenge of, engaging academics with reading lists
  • Use of reading lists to drive resource acquisition decisions by the library, including quantities, electronic vs. print, digitisation etc
  • Value of university senior management buy-in to reading lists
  • Value of management and monitoring statistics/reports

As for the question (Reading Lists, challenge or opportunity?) I think it is fair to say that everyone that had adopted a reading list system reported that the benefits and opportunity outweigh any challenges. The challenges are pretty well known and documented and, therefore can be carefully planned for and successfully addressed.

From the Talis point of view it was great to see a number of our existing customers in attendance along with our prospects and a number of new contacts.

Please contact the sales team to learn more about Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Digitised Content services, and to book a demo.

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