The first time I reached out to Sue Greener was when she was identified as one of our top 50 most active academics using Reading Lists in the UK. I have since had the opportunity to speak to her a number of times. Sue not only teaches at University of Brighton’s Business School, she also has a passion for eLearning. Online Learning is an area she has invested many years researching and discussing.

Naturally, when Sue agreed to get involved in the pilot programme for Lighthouse, we were delighted to say the least! Couple of weeks ago I had a chance to record a brief podcast with her where she talks about what she is doing with Lighthouse. You can listen to this conversation below.

We are continuing our research and development through the pilot programme and working with Sue. For all the latest updates, visit the Lighthouse project page.

We will be presenting our findings from this project as well as updates on everything else at Talis Insight 2015. If you have not registered interest yet, you can do so here.

How are you using Learning Analytics at your institution? We would love to hear from you.