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Meet Ian Snowley from University of Lincoln, and find out how they are solving real problems with Digitised Content

Ian Corns
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The Talis Autumn Open Days are not very far now. When I was planning the Digitised Content focused Open Day at Manchester, inviting Ian Snowley to speak was the easiest of all decisions. Ian also presented at the first ever Digitised Content Open day, last year. He is driving some genuine change at the University of Lincoln. In Ian’s own words, they are a small, newish University, who we believe are also very dynamic and agile.

So a year on, how are things heading over at Lincoln? I sent Ian a few questions, so we can hear in his own words:

Please introduce yourself(s) and tell us about your role(s)

I’m Ian Snowley, University Librarian at Lincoln, and I see my role as setting the strategic direction for the service, securing support and funds from Senior Management, and supporting staff to deliver the services students and staff need from the Library.

What do you see is the main role of the library in supporting teaching and learning at Lincoln?

Its crucial that the Library is part of the academic support network provided by the University, so Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Digitised Content is key to that. We’ve also just launched formal support for Academic Writing, so we’ll be working to establish that and to begin to integrate it into teaching.

What are your key objectives for the library in the next 12 months?

To spend the extra budget allocated for this year effectively, and bid for the additional funds still required to provide the support our students and staff need. To continue to lobby for funding for Phase II of the Library building!

What are the key challenges/problems you sought to address with Digitised Content?

To make our stock work as hard as possible, to ensure CLA compliance, and to meet student demand for access to resources.

What are the anticipated and/or realised key benefits for Digitised Content

Better NSS scores, happier students and staff, and increased value for money.

Briefly, what can people expect to hear from you on the 18th November, at the Talis Open day?

An update on my previous talk, setting out what the first year of TADC has  been like at Lincoln, and a look at where we want to go next!

You can hear more from Ian Snowley at our Manchester Open Day, on 18th November. So if you have not signed up already, we still have a few seats left. You can Register here.

What else would you like to hear from Ian on? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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