Lighthouse, a Talis project, will apply technology and learning analytics to enhance how digital resources are used in teaching and learning. We are launching a pilot programme starting October 2014 with partner Universities in the UK. Academics and students participating in this pilot will benefit from access to useful and consistent learning analytics across all types of digital resources used in their courses.

At the recent Talis Aspire User Group Meeting, held at the University of Leicester, I had the opportunity to present about Lighthouse and what it means to our current and future customers. For those of you who missed that presentation, we recorded the session. You can watch it below, it is only 15 mins long.

Over the coming months I will continue to share progress and everything we learn from the pilot programme. So watch this space!

Our current focus is to get this pilot programme on the road. We are already speaking to several institutions, and still welcome anyone else who is interested. So if you or any other team within your institution are actively exploring some of the technologies described within Lighthouse, I would love to hear from you.

So how are academics and students using Learning Analytics at your institution, today? And if you have any thoughts or questions about Lighthouse, please do share them in comments below.