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Press Release: Talis announces two new customers for Talis Aspire Digitised Content module

Alison Spencer
press release

Talis are pleased to confirm that Middlesex University and the University of Leicester have both chosen the Talis Aspire Digitised Content module.

Kate Vasili, Copyright Officer at Middlesex University, commented “The Talis Aspire Digital Content module was adopted to simplify the copyright clearance and digitisation process in conjunction with the launch of Talis Aspire Reading Lists and our newly formed digitisation service. It has streamlined the copyright clearance process  for the majority of digitisation requests and greatly assisted us in maintaining  compliance in the provision of online reading material to our students. Academics have been impressed at the speed and efficiency with which their requests have been delivered, fully compliant and accessible to students on demand. The Talis Aspire Digitised Content support team has been very helpful in resolving problems as they arise and developing new features as required. The development team is also continually exploring ways to develop new features, to  further streamline the digitisation process for the future.”

Joanne Dunham, Head of Collections & Information Systems at The University of Leicester explained “The [existing] service dealt with about 5500 digitisation requests in 2012/13 with the general administrative tasks such as compliance checks, record keeping for the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA), creation of cover sheets, interaction with academic staff making requests, the renewal process and making the finished scan available in the VLE being time-consuming and resource intensive.”

Joanne continued by saying “The University of Leicester has chosen Talis Aspire Digitised Content for its course pack service because it believes that it will improve the processes for the library staff who administer the digitisation, the academics making digitisation requests and the students using the content. We believe that Talis Aspire Digitised Content will improve our administrative workflow, especially with automated compliance checks and record keeping, provide an integrated interface for academics making requests, seamlessly join up with Talis Aspire Reading Lists and provide better analytics to track student usage. Overall we were impressed with the clear and clean interface, its ability to handle lots of requests, and its accuracy in compliance checking.”

More about Talis

Talis is a UK based business whose mission is to apply software and data to help transform education. The Talis Aspire Reading List module enables academics and librarians to find, bookmark, manage, publish and track usage of recommended learning resources for students. The Talis Aspire Digitised Content module enables digitised and copyright cleared content, including items referenced on reading lists, to be uploaded and managed, whilst ensuring authenticated access to students.

The data in the Talis Platform consists of over 100,000 reading lists containing over 2.5 million references to learning resources including textbooks, ebooks, journals, documents, videos and web pages. These are teaching resources recommended by academics from over 50 universities, and used by over 1 million students at campuses around the world. The data and the connections between users, subjects, courses, and resources represent an Education Graph. This graph is used to power a series of collective intelligence based features that use the knowledge of the whole system to help improve teaching and learning.


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