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Press Release: University of Lincoln Selects Talis Aspire Reading-List Software

Alison Spencer
press release

With the selection of the Talis Aspire reading-list application, the University of Lincoln library service provides students with enhanced access to learning support – and creates a catalyst for conversations with academics.

Talis Education Ltd, a leading technology provider to the higher education market, is delighted to announce that the University of Lincoln has selected the company as its reading-list software provider. With the adoption of the Talis Aspire reading-list application, students at the university get improved access to curated learning resources across multiple platforms, content types and providers, while the library is provided with workflow tools to support its student satisfaction strategies.

Ian Snowley, University Librarian, said:

 ‘Reading-lists really are key in terms of  student satisfaction with the library. But there’s a real disconnect between  tutors, students and the library in this area, so we’re really attracted by the  workflows in Talis Aspire.’

He also added that:

‘The whole sector’s  going through great changes. We need solutions that will change with us. And  Aspire gives us a great opportunity to get out of the library and talk to
academics. It’s a real catalyst for conversations about their teaching and how
the library can support them and their students.’

The University of Lincoln is one of 42 universities in the United Kingdom and Australia to have adopted the Talis Aspire reading-list application since it launched, making it a market-leader.

Read more about the University of Lincoln and its decision to select the Talis Aspire reading-list software in a feature interview with the University Librarian.

More about the University of Lincoln:

About Talis Education Ltd:

Talis Education Ltd is a subsidiary of Talis Group Ltd – a privately owned innovation company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The company was built by experts from the linked data, semantic web and academic library management industries. They work in partnership with universities to innovate in the fields of learning management and communications. Building networked solutions designed to transform university workflows, and connect learners, lecturers and libraries to learning resources – from the cloud.


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