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Press Release: Middlesex University Selects Talis Aspire as its Reading-List Solution

Alison Spencer
press release

Middlesex University valued the advanced functionality of Talis Aspire. And the large numbers of existing university customers distinguished it from others.

Talis Education Ltd, a leading provider of learning technology solutions, is delighted to announce that Middlesex University has selected its Aspire reading-list application. With Talis Aspire teachers and administrators can easily create and manage reading-lists whilst students have simple, authenticated access to curated learning resources.

Mike Hallas, Assistant Director of IT Support at the university commented:

‘Talis provides an intuitive, flexible reading-list system, and the company has a clear commitment to continually developing the product, which fits very well with our development plans.’

‘Reading-lists are a small, but essential, part of a wider strategic initiative of putting the student at the centre of what we do – wherever the student is.’ he added. ‘And providing a diverse group of students with a single point of access to their reading-lists was central to our decision.’

Dave Errington, CEO of Talis Group Ltd said:

‘We’re delighted to be working with Middlesex University to help thousands of its students access their reading-lists. With Talis Aspire, learners have a fast, easy way to access learning resources and to connect with their teachers.

He also remarked:

‘Talis is the perfect partner for Middlesex University. Its high numbers of distance learners, coupled with the fact that many students are based outside the UK, makes it essential for them to get the support they need through technology. Something that Talis is well-placed to provide.

About Middlesex University:

Middlesex is an international university which currently teaches 40,000 students, many of whom are studying for degrees outside of the UK. In support of its mission to make it possible for students to study for a Middlesex degree wherever in the world they are, the university opened campuses in Dubai in 2005, and Mauritius in 2010. It was one of the first universities in the UK to do so.

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About Talis Education Ltd:

Talis Education Ltd is a subsidiary of Talis Group Ltd – a privately owned innovation company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The company was built by experts from the linked data, semantic web and academic library management industries. They work in partnership with universities to innovate in the fields of learning management and communications. Building networked solutions designed to transform university workflows, and connect learners, lecturers and libraries to learning resources – from the cloud.

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